“Worth in Óssinite” (The DM’s Dice Set)


7 Piece Polyhedral Dice Set Handmade by The Ravensridge Emporium to bring the most valuable substance in Aelwyn into reality; Óssinite.

Powered by the blood of a fallen God, óssinite is used to cast magic, so we hope these dice can bring you some power too.

This is a full set of polyhedral dice for your table-top roleplaying games, including; a d20, d12, d10, d100, d8, d6, and a d4.

The Ravens at the Ravensridge Emporium always strive to create high quality products but due to each dice set being handmade, they may not be perfect, nor will they be identical to the image above. But just like raw gems of óssinite, each piece is unique. The Ravens, however, do their very best to ensure the dice are properly weighted and have minimal blemishes.

Do you accept this gift that the Ravens wish to bestow on you?

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